Welcome to The Tactical Guitarist!

My name is Jesse McCann. I am building a community to connect driven and ambitious guitarists who want to improve their careers and lives in music. 

My goal is to make sure you are prepared. We cover topics that are important to guitarists as they sustain their careers including teaching, performing, networking, performing, and having a business-like mindset. We also delve into virtues that build your resiliency in this tumultuous career path. These include perseverance, self-reliance, discipline, courage and leadership. 

I have been working as a guitarist for over twenty years. I’m not an expert at everything, but I’ve got a unique background, set of experiences, and a desire to keep pushing myself to be better at what I do. 

If you’re a guitarist and you’re ready to take action to better yourself and your career in music, I invite you to check out the podcast, participate in our conversations on Facebook and join The Tactical Guitar Academy. Become a Tactical Guitarist! 

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