Episode #020: Thomas Viloteau

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Today I’m speaking with French guitar phenomenon Thomas Viloteau who’s approach to the instrument, its repertoire and its technique is reshaping the term ‘classical’ guitar, into something new, alive and forward thinking. 

Viloteau began studying guitar at the age of 12 and worked with with some the most prolific guitarists and teachers in Europe including Alvaro Pierri, Roland Dyens and Judacael. 

He won first prize at the GFA convention in 2006 and the Francisco Tarrega Competition in 2012 among others. After completing a doctorate at Eastman, his prestige and talent landed him a position at the Peabody Conservatory where he sits among the great guitarists and teachers, Manuel Barrueco and Julian Gray. 

Thomas is featured on Tonebase and GSI and is one of many younger guitarists who have embraced the technological advantages of the web and social media. 

We talk about his journey with guitar including his teachers, the need to take a break, his return to the guitar and school, working and surviving as a musician in this day and age, and a lot more.

Find out more about him here: https://www.tigadorecords.com/

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Jesse McCann