Welcome to the Tactical Guitarist.

Most of my early years as a guitarist were without answers to questions about practice and discipline, developing a career, staying healthy and what really matters on the path to mastery in music. I have been lucky to study with some great teachers, but there was much left to figure out. 

I’ve been teaching and performing now for over twenty years. I’ve never stopped learning about myself as a guitarist as well as a person. I’m particularly interested in how we navigate our careers as musicians and the things we can achieve when we set our sights on new goals and take charge. 

I started the Tactical Guitarist to give guitarists and musicians a community and resource to become better at all facets of life and career, from self-mastery to health and everywhere in between.

If you’re searching to become more of the guitarist you were meant to be, you’ve come to the right place.


If you’re ready to become a tactical guitarist, I invite you to check out the podcast. You’ll learn from great minds who have taken their careers, health, and lives to the next level. 


I am the director of guitar studies at Portland State University and the owner of The Tactical Guitarist. I have been a professional guitarist for nearly three decades. During that time I have recorded and toured in various bands, classical groups and as a soloist. I have won a number of awards for my playing and currently operate in the Oregon Guitar Quartet. I am also a father, an athlete, an author, and a teacher. I hold two degrees in performance and am a certified personal trainer with a specialization in nutrition. When I’m not practicing, you’ll find me doing some kind of athletic training along with doing my best to be a good dad. I bring unique experiences in music and life to my approaches in teaching and playing. It is this knowledge that I hope to share with you. 

What is a tactical guitarist?


  • (of a person or their actions) showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action.

The tactical guitarist is a professional guitarist that combines their craft with the readiness and adaptability needed to survive a life in music. The tactical guitarist is entrepreneurial, creative, opportunistic, and can perform under pressure.

I want you to maximize these qualities as much as possible. 

Get started here.